treasure in heaven

As soon as I left the NAR, I was encouraged to leave Redding, CA (which I tried to do, but it didn’t work out, so I was sent back..). Then it took about 6 mos longer before I could relocate again. Anyway, during that time I was able to discuss my time at Bethel church with many people because I learned that almost everyone who lives in the city of Redding, California has a Bethel story! either a story about the BSSM students, people who attend the church, or interactions with the leaders themselves.

I am not sure truly the best approach, but one would think – after leaving the NAR – it is best to also leave the city of Redding, CA; there is not much economic advantage to staying in Redding, since good jobs are scarce.

One person I met  after I left Bethel was a huge help. He owned a coffee shop  in town(disclaimer: I’m not sure if he still does…), so I always knew where I could find him, ha ha, and there was no way for him to avoid me either. Also, the coffee shop was very close to my house.

I spend hours discussing the various aspects of “Bethel culture” with this young man; it was almost like a debriefing because I could stop by there almost every day with a new story, (and there was no way for him to avoid me, ha ha…), but we had many things to discuss since he also attended the church, albeit briefly, and since Bethel church people are practically taking over the town!

I hope he knows that he has treasure in heaven (“whatever you did for the least of these…” Matt 25:40)  for comforting the afflicted, even though we are no longer on speaking terms because of something I said (that is another story though…) It truly was helpful/encouraging to be able to talk to another person who experienced the same, and for that reason it was useful to stay in Redding after I left NAR.

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