About me

I was raised in a non Christian home and I was saved through the high school youth group of Bill Hybel’s Willow Creek Community Church – the seeker sensitive movement (a.k.a. “Christian lite”) in 1994. Although initially some of the teaching was from the Bible, I was quickly introduced, as a new Christian, to problematic and heretical teaching, such as Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” workbook, read article here, and the “social gospel,” with false teachers such as Tony Campolo.

I later attended a top “Christian” college. With little Bible background (again, I attended the “Christian light” form of church), and two non Christian parents, I was easy to lead astray. In retrospect, I describe my “Christian” college experience as being “nuked with heresy”:  false teachers were the norm. Sure, the smooth-talkin’ chapel speakers may be popular and entertaining, but are they right? Even my track coach at college heavily promoted many false teachers; Henry Nouwin, Dallas Willard, “the Road less traveled”M. Scott Peck, Brennan Manning, to name a few. He made a point to meet with me – an 18-year-old from a broken home, and give me books from various Christian mystics and other heretical teachers, which I initially thought were Christian, but later learned otherwise. The “pastors” promoted the new age and occult techniques-labeled merely as “mysticism”-would solve my personal problems (young adult from a broken home), of course they did not.

When done with the seeker-sensitive movement I joined a [dangerous] Third Wave Movement – the Vineyard Denomination, in 2001. Vineyard music was very popular, and I have to say that ~ the music gave a legitimacy to the movement, without a doubt. I had no idea what I was getting myself into…all of the young people seemed to be involved in this type of church, and partially it was – I didn’t know where else to find community in my 20’s.  It wasn’t going to be in the bars and nightclubs of Chicago, since I was opposed to the binge drinking and partying lifestyle…so I mistakenly chose a false church instead. There were red flags, of course, that what was occurring in these “churches” was not of Jesus, but sadly, I was totally duped by these people. Of course, I now regret the years spent in these “churches.”

In 2005 some false prophets from the Toronto “blessing” came to our “church.” This was my first introduction to NAR (“new apostolic reformation”) heresy.  Sadly, at that time I did not question any of the pastors or leaders of this movement.

To make matters worse, in 2009 I found myself in the central valley of California where I was first introduced to Bethel Redding doctrine through a “church” there.

The purpose of this blog is twofold. 1) To explain *How I Got There* (into a N.A.R. church). The short answer is: I was young and naïve! I believed everything that the wolves, (of various denominations), preached from their pulpit. I was sooo misled. Also, my mother was kind of into these churches (the apostate Catholic church with its mysticism and the seeker-sensitive); I can’t blame her for my choices, but I think she probably had a influence… and  2) To illustrate what my life is like, after being a part of something -the apostate church- my entire young adult life. To suddenly realize one has been duped her entire young adult life…well, it is a rude awakening to say the least.

So, welcome to my blog! Y’all have a front-row seat to my life, post-deception.


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