2 Cor 2:17

You see, we are not like the many hucksters who preach for personal profit. We preach the word of God with sincerity and with Christ’s authority, knowing that God is watching us.

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from the comments section…

This is the second time I’ve heard Danny Silk preach and both times I left confused and felt like his sermon made no sense. I also thought it was strange how 4 women on stage were giving prophetic messages to random people they chose in the audience. These messages were very generic and could’ve applied to almost anyone. It was kind of creepy. I kept getting this weird feeling inside me that something wasn’t right and last night after Danny’s message I couldn’t shake my concern. I decided to listen to that inner voice which I believe is the Holy Spirit cautioning me. Needless to say, I won’t be going back.” Erin Sanchez (comment from Rooftops and Rafters)

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Christian Men

I thought I would write a brief post re: my experience (post deception) dating “Christian” (and I purposely put Christian in parenthesis) men -one that I recently met thought a Christian dating site.

Wow, A church-going guy is so seeped in deception (takes one to know one…) that he basically is just using new age & occult technique, thinking that he is following Jesus. (and all of the new age & occult techniques are basically taught in every church now…)  He messages me on e-harmony: “I heard the Holy Spirit tell me…”

Um, no you didn’t! That is not what the Holy Spirit does (read your Bible). So, is this guy saved? Who knows…it depends on if he bounces out of deception or not.

I think I’m better off just going with a new convert.

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Signs of Involvement in Spiritually Abusive Bible-Based Group

from this website…

These early warning signs may serve as a useful checklist to determine if you, a family member, or a friend has become involved in a destructive Bible-based religion.

  • Isolation from everyone or everything outside of the group and its control.
  • A we/they mentality. All those outside the group are somehow negative or not equal; one must be a member. Partial commitment or belief is not tolerated (no shades of grey).
  • Everything outside of their particular group is evil, of the devil, or worldly – including other churches or denominations.
  • Excessive fasting and praying, extreme tension or stress, which may result in eating disorders, chronic depression, acute anxiety, physical exhaustion, or illness.
  • Compulsively talking about the group, its leaders, and its doctrines. Repeatedly quoting certain scriptures emphasized by the group.
  • Refusing to engage in conversation that may question the group and its leaders. Such criticism may even be characterized as satanic.
  • Almost complete or total domination of the participant’s time by the group. Attending Bible study, crusades, revivals, prayer meetings, services, or other group activities constantly. Little if any time is left for family, old friends, or other interests.
  • The group discourages questions concerning its leaders or doctrines. Doubt may be equated to an attack by the devil upon the follower’s mind.
  • Compulsively and constantly witnessing their beliefs to everyone, often in a confrontational or extreme manner.
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Post-Cult Trauma Syndrome

“Post-Cult Trauma Syndrome” : is it really a syndrome? Who knows!! (everything is syndrome these days..)

See article here

Helpful advice for leaving a cult here…


  • Maintain a routine.
  • Make change slowly: physical, emotional, nutritional, geographical, etc.
  • Monitor health, including nutrition, medical checkups.  Avoid drugs and alcohol.
  • Daily exercise reduces dissociation (spaceyness, anxiety and insomnia).
  • Avoid sensory overload.  Avoid crowds or large spaces without boundaries (shopping malls, video arcades, etc.).
  • Drive consciously without music.

Reality orientation:

  • Establish time and place landmarks such as calendars and clocks.
  • Make lists of activities in advance.  Update lists daily or weekly.  Difficult tasks and large projects should be kept on separate lists.
  • Before going on errands, review list of planned activities, purchases and projects.  Mark items off as you complete them.
  • Keep updated on current news.  News shows (CNN, Headline News talk radio) are helpful because they repeat, especially if you have memory/concentration difficulties.


  • Try to read one complete news article daily to increase comprehension.
  • Develop reading “stamina” with the aid of a timer.  Increasing reading periods progressively.

Sleep interruptions:

  • Leave TALK radio/television, news programs (not music) on all night.  (Preferably not Rush, though.)

How do people get out of religious cults here…

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Top 5 Reasons People Join Cults [Hint: It’s not because they’re stupid]

Naive, maybe; stupid, no. From this http://www.elizabethesther.com/archives/2014/06/top-5-reasons-people-join-cults-hint-its-not-because-theyre-stupid.html  blog.

(disclaimer: I have not read the above blog in it’s entirety, so I can not say that I agree with everything the author writes, but I could relate to this article)

So, why do people join cults? Well, like a successful marketing campaign, cults know how to sell:

1. We Have What You’ve Been Looking For: Do you crave meaningful relationships? Are you tired of superficial pursuits? Do you long for abundance, happiness and wealth?

2. Sense of Urgency: TODAY is the day of salvation! What if you die tomorrow? Will you have ANY regrets???? [SIDEBAR: when I was “witnessing” to people, I would get super frustrated when they replied, “Well, if I die tomorrow then I’ll be glad I lived a good life.” I was like: Nooooooo! BE ANXIOUS! BE VERY AFRAID! Otherwise this whole formula doesn’t WORRRK!”]

3. Sense of Purpose: Did you know God has a Great Plan for your life? Do you really want to miss out on that? Join our cause. God is REALLY MOVING in our generation. Together, we can change the world. [SIDEBAR: this whole phrase about “God IS MOVING in our generation!!” really annoys me. Newsflash, guys. God has moved in EVERY generation. God didn’t suddenly start MOVING once evangelicals figured out how to build mega-churches. Or win political elections. When I was growing up we were all: yeah, Christianity existed and everything. But it didn’t really START until like the 1500’s when Martin Luther nailed a letter to a church door. I mean, THAT’S when God REALLY started moving!”]

4. Sense of Superiority: we are the TRUE believers. We are the PURE ones. We are reclaiming what’s been lost. We have uncovered hidden truths. You won’t find this anywhere else. You might be a nobody in this world, but in OUR group you’ll be special. [SIDEBAR: I often call this “The Special-Ness Syndrome.” The more SPECIAL a church thinks it is, the faster I run away.]

5. INCENTIVES!!! Look at all these beautiful women following Jesus! Look at all these godly, spiritual men! You could have TRUE intimacy. No more broken hearts. You will find a wife who respects and serves you. You will find a husband who loves and provides for you. You will find a community of like-minded people who will help you and you will never be alone again!! [SIDEBAR: in cults–as in everywhere else–sex sells.]

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some thoughts on NAR and the Third Wave

This morning before I even got out of bed, I was thinking about some of my [sordid] experience in the Third Wave/NAR “churches” and how *miserable* I was (for years!) following this baaaaddd doctrine. Let me give you an example…

Years ago I attended a “church” called the Evanston Vineyard (oh, how misled I was…), which is part of the “Third Wave” and essentially is the exact same movement (false signs and wonders) that the N.A.R circus is part of. To reiterate, how misled I was…

Steve Nicholson, the senior pastor, gave an example of this guy – who had returned from a missions trip and was continually “seeing a demon” (according to the story) go in and out of some tribal mask he purchased while in Africa. (yes, I believed this stuff…I was young and naïve)

In addition to “seeing the demon”, he also began experiencing a number of person problems (cue the need for sozos, inner healing, etc, and now one is on a wild goose chase to evaluate which demons cause what personal problem, which is never-ending …)

Now, this story was a while ago, so I have to add the disclaimer that: I am just telling this story as I remember it.

Anyway, he finally told this pastor guy and through some magic prayer (you always have to know what the “secret formula” is to get rid of such demons…according to the NAR pastors – which they will gladly teach you when you read all of their books, attend all their conferences, and tithe to their “churches”…see how enslaving it all is?) the demon left his African mask and his personal problems (nightmares, health problems, emotional problems, whatever..) ceased.

Now, this is one story that has been told 1,000x over in NAR/Third Wave “churches” (in various forms – it’s just the same lie..) 1. Personal problem 2) It’s caused by something demonic 3) One has to learn the magic formula, incantation, consult a NAR “pastor” etc. etc. to learn how to get rid of it. Their sermons are full of these stories!! People believe them, too (I certainly did…) It’s all very enslaving.  Suddenly, one has to worry – could such-and-such have a demon?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the music brings a legitimacy to the movement. In the late 90’s/early 2000’s, Vineyard music was incredibly popular – Matt Redmond, Tim Hughes worship songs, et. all. were constantly played in all types of churches everywhere. Unfortunately, it was connected to the Vineyard and Third Wave doctrine -which is essentially the same thing as N.A.R.  Having been a part of both “churches”, unfortunately.  N.A.R. has more of an emphasis on prosperity, and they also present lying on the graves of former” revivalists” to “transfer the anointing” (I am not making this stuff up..) They are big into anointings in the N.A.R.- just listen to one of their sermons on IBethel.tv!

Whhyy was I attracted to the N.A.R./Third wave (in my 20’s)?

Post deception, I try to determine where I first went wrong…(to be continued)

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